tisdag 8 januari 2008

Sibejays in winterland

8:th of January 2008
Just 2 hours drive north from Svartådalen – The Black River Valley – lies the southernmost wintering area for Siberian Jays in Sweden.
     Me and my youngest son Simon (13), takes on the task to put up this winters first steady portion of fat for them.
     Up there a lot more snow has come and the landscape is the Uncle Frosts classical winter landscape we like to think of as our traditional Swedish winter scenery. Oooh, yes, we like it!
     It´s a bit of a walk, but it´s a nice one through the forest with all the snowcovered Christmas trees around.
     Well there we make a fire and grill some nice sausages, while hoping for the birds to get 
attracted by our fat. 
     First come the Nuthatches (not that common up here), then Crested Tits, Coal Tits, and finally... after quite a long time of yearning, 3 Siberian Jays that immediately start to feed on the goodies we put up for them.
    They are such loveable birds, and almost tame. You can stand a meter from them and they don´t seem to mind at all.
     Here the Crested and Coal Tits also seem very tame.

Once again, Hans Bister stand for the picture. See more of it on: www.pbase.com/bister
     Another photographer who have done great on these birds, is Rebecca Nason. Check out her pictures on www.rebeccanason.com

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