söndag 6 januari 2008

Two Greyheads together

5:th of January 2008
For the first time this winter, two Grey-headed Woodpeckers are together at "the Inn" (The Nutcracker Inn that is of course). 
     They are also accepting their new log we are serving their food on; an old, fallen birch trunk, patinated by nature itself, even with a piece of lichen growing from the top of it.
     Tom Schandy and Jan Fredrik Isaksen, two bird photographers from Norway, are here to give their best shots on Nutcrackers, Tits and Grey-heads for the weekend. Tom Schandys book, The Wild Africa (det vilda Afrika) was elected Pandabook of the Year, by WWF Sweden in 2004. 
      Tom and Jan Fredrik got lucky on their first day already with some great shots on both key species. Hopefully we can see some of them here in the future. 
    Meanwhile... enjoy a nice Nutcracker picture taken at the Inn, by the Great Swedish photographer and fireman (!) Michael Bergman. (Quite a hunk!)
     Check out his website on www.bergmanphoto.se

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