onsdag 13 februari 2008

Glorious morning

8:th of February 2008
Our second Naturetrek group did not only get good views on a calling male Pygmy Owl last night, they also participated in a rescue of a Tawny Owl that was stuck in a chimneypipe not far from the hotel. We also got reports that the Owl flew away into the forest after a while, so we all felt very content as we headed out for a first early morning in
 sunshine and clear blue skies. 
    And guess what we see on our first stop along the road? nother Pygmy Owl! This time in broad daylight or even sunshine as it 
perches on a telephone wire along the road. A Black Woodpecker is entertaining us at the same time, so it´s hard to know where to look for a while.
    Todays target area however is Färna Ekopark, where our Woodpecker expert Michael Rhönnstad shows us two – a male and a female – Three-toed Woodpeckers – drumming there characteristic low key sounding drumming.
     I get some decent pictures through my Swarovski telescope with my little Canon Powershot A430.
After that it´s time to enjoy my reindeerpan and a cold beer by the open fire. Looks as 
delicious as it was! 
     An adult Goshawk actually came flying across the lake right towards me when I was cooking. I phoned Michael who alerted the group but only a few caught a glimpse of it. 
    Stunning bird though!

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