torsdag 28 februari 2008

Hazel luck

17:th of February
A Sunday morning that greets us with sun and cold a good layer of snow. We enjoy close encounters with Siberian Jays and Crested–, Willow– and Coal tits, as we all try to grill sausages on a wooden stick on the fire. 
   The 2 hardcore birdwatchers in the group; Peter and John, sets off in the snow for another kilometer of walking and exploring. 
   When the rest of us catch up with them, they are not only having a lucky  grin on their face, their digitals can also show why: a 
nicely posing Hazelgrouse on the display. But it doesn´t end there; as they show us the place, the bird actuall
y remains seated in the same tree, producing good views for all of us. 
     If you want more from these guys check out their own website

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