onsdag 13 februari 2008

White snow, red birds

31:st of January 2008
The first of this winters British groups from Naturetrek arrive. The previous days we´ve got a lot of snow and the landscape looks beautiful in it´s winter plumage.
    After a first coffebreak in front of 10 or more Hawfinches and a nice little group of stunning red Bullfinches in frostcovered trees, we might thought we´ve had it, but on the next stop on a winding forest track, we spot a flock
 of 14–20 Pine Grosbeaks. At least three of which are fully adult, lingonberry red males.
    We even get some rays of sunshine on them. Gorgeous!
Swedish photographer Jörgen Wiklund from Umeå up north (where 2 Snowy Owls and a Black-throated Thrush lingers recently) took this picture on another accasion. See more of his excellent work at his own photoweb www.fagelbilder.se !

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