torsdag 27 mars 2008

Mighty Owl calls

26:th of March 2008
The night is cold, still and a totally overwhelming, starry sky is enough as attraction.  I find myself  just gazing up into that inmense oblivion. On my first stop, there´s not a sound, on my second stop the mighty call of a male Ural Owl reaches my ears. 
     On the third stop I hear the pumping call of a Great Grey Owl, a bit distant, but still. I move down the road another km and there it is again, much closer.
     It is repeating the dark, dull, hoot 7-8 times in a descending, slowing down mode. It´s very characteristic and atmospheric. If the Ural Owl call is the most powerful, "evil" sound of the northern Owl calls, the Great Grey call is majestic, pompous and just as dignified as the bird looks. Standing in the dark, looking up at the sky, breathing the cold air and listening to this mysterious sound, is such a quality experience. I feel grateful for this moment, yet I´ve experienced it so many times in my life. 
     The picture was taken on the 27:th of February, but illustrates this moment well, with the darkness surrounding the Owl, just as I could imagine it calling in the night.

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