fredag 28 mars 2008

Wagtail arrival

28:th of March
A little more spring in the air and an afternoon  walk along the Black River, downtown, offers this years first Grey Wagtail. 
    A misleading name on this beautiful, little bird with a striking, brilliant yellow underside.
   I´ve been looking out for it for a while and now I finally get my reward, a nice, very yellow bird is appearing on the riverbank not far from me. It walks out into bellydeep water and looks almost as it´s floating on the surface, as it takes a bath.
Then it gets up on the shore,  shakes it´s feathers dry and preens thoroughly. The picture ws taken on another occasion by Stefan Oscarsson. See more of his excellent work at
    A male Bullfinch follows the wags example and takes a bath as well. A Dipper is perched on a rock just a bit upstream and as I walk back home a male Goshawk is soaring above me. 
    Even if the local city administration is doing nothing to enhance biodiversity, it still exists.

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