tisdag 4 mars 2008

Spring in the valley

4:th of March
Northerly, cold winds, sunshine, blue skies, open water meets the ice. The open water on flooded fields and lakesides are getting filled with Whooper Swans. 
     I count 1.175 Swans on a drive around the valley. I find one tight flock of about 500 birds so tightly squeezed in a small puddle of open water, that they hardly seem to be able to turn around. 
     They fill the air with their loud calls, you can hear them 
everywhere. It´s lovely. I really love this part of the year. The valley is beautiful. There are also 
plenty of Taiga Bean Geese (Anser fabalis). About 2.228 Bean 
Geese are counted. Among  them I discover 8 Pinkfeet, and 8 Whitefronts as well. 
     Even a flock of 50 Snow Buntings are moving along the edge between ice and open water. Gorgeous little creatures, so big to be small.

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